NEW YORK, Dec. 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Video system requirements will soon change for non-emergency transportation (NET) vehicles carrying Medicaid Beneficiaries in Arkansas. NET Contract (IFB 710-18-1025) states the following minimum requirements for video recording in NET vehicles, effective January 1st, 2019.

  • HD 720 p camera
  • Minimum 45-day playback/viewing (all footage must be retrievable)
  • GPS required on camera
  • Interior Recording (The camera must be positioned so all passenger activity is recorded)
  • Audio recording is not necessary

These video systems must be in good working order each day the transportation vehicle used on the NET contract. If the video systems are not fully operable, then the vehicle may not be used to transport beneficiaries until the video system is in good working order. Continuous recording must take place when Medicaid beneficiaries enter, occupy and exit the vehicle. The Brokers are responsible for ensuring proper video signage is maintained in each vehicle.

Rear View Safety offers a variety of high capacity mobile DVR’s and analog HD cameras that fulfill these new requirements. Click here to view the company’s MobileMule™ Mobile DVR Series. This new contract will increase overall safety for both Medicaid Beneficiaries and NET drivers.

Rear View Safety has long been a leader in vehicle safety solutions and road safety advocate. The commercial backup camera provider is also available on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn, and maintains a Road Safety Resource site.

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