HOT SPRINGS, Ark., Oct. 12, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — The Mountain Valley Spring Water has established a partnership with Friends of the Ouachita Trail. The two organizations will collaborate on multiple initiatives to raise awareness of Friends of the Ouachita Trail and promote its mission to maintain the 223.5 mile recreational trail that runs through the Ouachita National Forest. 

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Friends of the Ouachita Tail, also known as FoOT, is a nonprofit established in 2003. FoOT provides oversight of the Trail’s Legacy Endowment, Adoption Program, Shelter Project, Rapid Response Team and Ouachita Mountain Challenge.  FoOT enjoys existing partnerships with the Forest Service and Pinnacle State Park. 

The Mountain Valley Spring Water has been bottled from the same natural spring deep in the Ouachita Mountains for over 145 years. “Our partnership with FoOT highlights a common core of shared values.  FoOT has done an amazing job with their work to keep the trails and surrounding environment as accessible and pristine as possible.  That level of commitment is admirable and Mountain Valley Spring is eager to help in these efforts,” said Stephan Williams, Director of Marketing at Mountain Valley Water.  “We are encouraging all members of the MVS family to engage with FoOT’s efforts to improve and maintain the Ouachita Trail by volunteering for general trail maintenance, which includes upkeep on 21 trail shelters, improvement projects or adopting a section of the trail. We are also excited to be involved with the Ouachita Mountain Challenge bike race in the coming year, an important fundraising event for the trail.” added Mr. Williams. 

The partnership will also be activated at the Mountain Valley Water Visitors Center & Museum in downtown Hot Springs, Arkansas.  Co-branded merchandise will be offered with profits going to FoOT.  Educational materials including a co-branded trail application are being developed.  The Mountain Valley Spring Water will also promote FoOT on their social media platforms. 

About The Mountain Valley Spring Water
The Mountain Valley Spring Water Co. is the authentic American natural spring water. Headquartered in Hot Springs, Ark., the iconic brand has been serving consumers since 1871. The brand’s spring and sparkling waters are still bottled today from the abundant natural artesian spring source originating from deep within the valley’s granite-based geologic formation, giving it its unique mineral content and taste profile.  Twice named “Best-Tasting Water in the World,” Mountain Valley Spring water is delivered to home and offices across the county. The brand can also be found in fine retailers, natural grocery and traditional supermarkets. Mountain Valley Spring is a Great Range Capital corporation.



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